Friday, July 23, 2010

Throwback Thursday Challenge!

Hello crafty friends!!!

I have been wanting to play along with Emma on her Throwback Thursday challenge and this week I finally had some extra crafting time to play along! Her challenge was with the Celebrations cartridge. I do not have that one but she said as long as it was a birthday theme it was ok! So here is my card. Simple but cute (just like me) as I was photographing this card it came to mind that it looked familiar and I thought "OH NO! I copied someone" but then I looked around and it so happens to be exactly the same as another card I made! LOL I thought I would share that little story!!

Here is the card for the entry and below is the one I made about a month ago for Nicole's Blog Hop! Has this ever happened to you? :o)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and my "From My Kitchen" Cartridge came in the mail so get ready for the recipe card project.
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