Monday, March 1, 2010

My Pink Stamper DVD Cricut Fun Volume 2

Hello Everyone,

So I just finished watching My Pink Stamper Cricut Fun Volume 2 and all I have to say is "WOW!". This DVD is packed with such amazing information for beginners and expert Cricut users. There are 12 amazing projects (which I will not discuss, so that we don't ruin the surprise). She does cards, boxes, scrapbooking layouts, and even home decor items.

The one thing I like about this DVD in comparison to the first one will definitely have to be the fact that Robyn discusses the differences between the different Cricut machines. In 2 of her projects she uses the "Baby Bug" to show that anyone can make beautiful projects. She has a chapter where she shows you both machines side by side and points out all the differences so that you can decide which machine will work best for you.

Another great addition to the DVD was her Bonus Feature on "What you need to get started". She actually sits and explains to you all the tools that you need in order to get started in the paper crafting hobby. She goes over the different kind of stamps, adhesives, ribbons, papers and embellishments that you can find at your craft stores and online.

In all of her projects she goes over layering on your Cricut cartridges as well as matting on your cards. Every project goes step by step to show you how you can create something similar.

For the more seasoned crafters there is a boat load of inspiration and ideas for you to work with. All of these projects can be taken and altered to your own personal style. She goes over some of the older cartridges and newer ones of course to remind us of all the amazing images they have that we may have forgotten or not used in a while.

I do hope that if you have not already purchased this DVD, you will go to and order it because it is definitely worth the money. While you are there you should also pick up some of her stamps, which she showcases in the DVD. I have personally used them and they really do go great with the Cricut cartridges. They are smaller in scale than regular stamp sets so you can incoporate them on your die cuts or create matching envelopes for your cards.

Besides all the Cricut stuff, Robyn has about 15 minutes worth of outtakes which are absolutely hilarious and a little segment about herself. Basically, you can really tell she put her heart and soul into this DVD while showing us that she is one of us and if she can do it, so can we!

Thanks Robyn for all your inspiration. Watching your videos are what really got me into paper crafting and card making!

Much love,



My Creative Time said...

You are right! she definitely is one of us! What a GREAT description!! I can't wait til mine arrives!! Thanks:)

Robyn said...

Momo! That is the sweetest review EVER!!! Thank you so very much! I am going to post it on my blog if you don't mind. It is nice to get other people's perspective!!!

Have a great day!

Heather said...

Thanks for the review. I will definitly put this on my list to get.

I especially like that you said that she does some projects on the smaller cricut as that is the one I have until I can save for a bigger one and I like that you said she explains all the stuff out there as I get so confused and overwhelmed in the craft store.

Heather said...

Is there a list of what cartridges she used on this DVD? I am saving up my money and I know that I will get this DVD, but I am just curious which one she uses on here.

uofkgirl at gmail dot com

MJR said...

Do you think this video is better than her first? I have the first one and I was disappointed. I guess I was expecting more projects and ideas. Is that what this one has more of? I have watched so many MPS videos that I feel like I have learned so much from that and wonder why purchase the second video. Any comments, please.

Mari AKA Momo said...

MJR- I think both videos are good, the second one deas have more projects and bonus features and that is why it is 2 discs. The videos on the DVD are longer than her blog videos and she goes more in depth. I do belive it it worth purchasing!

Heather- She uses several cartridges but a few are Sweethearts, Sentimentals, and Everyday Paper Dolls.

Irene said... must be such an honor to have Robyn post about your review!!! She also inspired me, I had just got my Cricut when I found her amazing blog!
Love your videos also [Suscribed in YouTube].

Kathy said...

Thanks for your in depth review. My mom and I both have cricuts, and after reading your review, I think we'll be ordering her DVDs.