Friday, February 26, 2010

Great tutorials I have seen lately!

This past week I have been seeing some wonderful techniques and tutorials. Here are a few I thought you would like!

First up is the "Skinny Notepads" by Kerry. She is awesome, I just love her style! Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to her youtube or follow her blog.

Now we have Christina with an awesome paper flower. I just can't belive how easy this is. She is awesome, here is her blog and youtube. Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

And finally we have Leslie with an amazing tutorial on how to make sugared Primas like the ones I made on my last video. Here is her youtube and blog. Enjoy the video!

I do hope that you will visit their sites and follow them. They are all talented women with their own amazing "style".

Much love,



Anne-Marie said...

I cannot believe it when I saw your suggestions on your blog! I just made the skinny notepads from Kerry and the flowers from Christina ... Supereasy and supercute ...
Have a nice weekend!

April Maybee said...

On the video that you did on the notepads can you tell me the name of the ink and more details for the name of the polka stamp set please. I am trying to order them but cannot find them on the site. I love your blog...very informative.

Linda L said...

Love the collection of video. I have not seen the Skinny Notepads before. I will check her out.
I am glad I found your blog. Thanks to the Pink Stamper.
I will be back. Please stop by my blog

Bugeyes said...

I love this idea,and the pen so neat.