1. What camera do you use?
Well I use a regular Point and Shoot Camera. It is a Casio Exilim 10.2 MP in HOT PINK! :o)

2. What software do you use to edit videos?
I use Windows Movie Maker

3. What kind of puppy is Hero?
He is a Yorkie! :o)

4. What kind of Cardstock do you use?
I buy my 8 1/2 x 11 Paper at Michaels. I get the Recollections paper packs. They are almost always on sale! (For my card bases I have recently started using Paper Try Ink)

5. Where did you get your ATG gun?
I got it at http://www.framingsupplies.com/ and I get my refills on ebay.

6. How do you price your items for Craft Shows?
First you have to figure out how much it costs you to produce. Then, you have to ask people how much they think they would pay for it. I ask my family, friends, everyone! Figure out the average and there you go.

7. What kind of glitter do I use?
Martha Stewart. It is my favorite kind :o) And with a 40% off coupon it is super affordable.

8. What can you tell me about selling on Etsy?
I did an entire post on this... CLICK HERE!

9. Where do you purchase your Clear Packaging for you cards?
I purchase the A2+ size from an Ebay seller. CLICK HERE to be directed.

10. Where can I purchase the Scrappy Mom Stamps?
CLICK HERE to be directed to their site.

If your question is not here. Email me! madebymomo@yahoo.com


GmaJulie2 said...

Momo, you are awesome and have inspired me so much with your great creativity! Thanks and I look forward to lots more!!

cici said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMO!!! Sounds like you had a spectacular week, packed with joy and wonderful suprises! Can't wait to see what your new craft space looks like! Yay dh, way to go! It'll take me a while to get into the feel of your site/blog and how things work...if we factor in my spare time, I'll be a slow learner, but I lo-o-o-o-ve your creations and have recommended your site to friends..so thanks for the inspiration. Hope you were pampered and loved today!! :)