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Episode 109-Be Grateful Flowers (Accent Essentials and Gypsy)

Mother's Day Gifts

Episode 108- Birthday Candles

Episode 107- Manly Men

Episode 106- What a Tweetheart (Make the Cut)

Episode 105- Baby Congrats (Wrap it Up)

Episode 104- My Heart (Pagoda)

Episode 103- Bride and Groom Favors (Tie the Knot)

Episode 102- Butterfly Card (Rock Princess)

Episode 101- Robot Birthday (B is for Boy)

Episode 100- Loads of Love (Walk in my Garden)

Episode 99- Friends and Flowers (Papertrey Ink Dies)

Episode 98- Snowman Ornament

Episode 97- Thank You (Country Life)

Episode 96- Napkin Holders (Accent Essentials)

Episode 95- Christmas Angel (Winter Frolic and Action Wobbles)

Episode 94- Owl Christmas (Winter Frolic)

Episode 93- Wobble Cake (Smiley Cards and Action Wobbles)

Episode 92- Hero Scrapbook Page (Paper Pups)

Episode 91- Christmas Gift Ideas ($1 Recipe Box from Michaels)

Episode 90- Breast Cancer Awareness Card (Paisley)

Episode 89- Football Birdie Card ( 3 Birds on Parade)

Episode 88- Halloween Home Decor Wreath (Mini Monsters)

Episode 87- One in a Melon (Simply Charmed)

Episode 86- Penguin in Lights (Create A Critter)

Episode 85- Explosion Box Invites (Create A Critter)

Episode 84- Halloween (Mini Monsters)

Episode 83- Happy Everything (Storybook and Design Studio)

Kids Blog Hop

Episode 82- Hello (Forever Young)

Episode 81- You take the Cake (Sweet Treats)

Episode 80- Too Cute to Spook (Mini Monsters)

Episode 79- Treats for School (Pencil Lollipop Holder)

Scrappy Mom Stamps Blog Hop Halloween Treat Bags

Episode 78- Bind It All Wall Sign

Episode 77- Drinks Anyone?

Episode 76- Love (Sweethearts)

Back To School Blog Hop (Bind It All)

Episode 75- Golf (Everyday Paper Dolls)

Episode 74- Card Keeper (Bind It All)

Episode 73- Thinking of you Owl (Hoot N Holler)

Episode 72- You Rock (Everyday Paper Dolls)

Episode 71- Hey Cupcake (Sweet Treats and Design Studio)

Episode 70- Spinning Monsters (George and Design Studio)

Episode 69- Celebrate (Tie the Knot)

Episode 68- Under the Weather (Create A Critter)

Episode 67- Birdhouse (Create A Critter)

Episode 66- Sprinkles of Fun (Sweet Treats)

Episode 65- Butterfly (Home Decor)

Episode 64- Birthday Image Book (Sweet Treats)

Episode 63- Cupcake and a Blog Hop (Straight from the Nest)

Episode 62- Tree (Straight from the Nest)

Episode 61- Notecards for kids (Create A Critter)

June Bog Blog Hop Video

Episode 60- Summer Card (George and Basic Shapes, Create A Critter)

Episode 59- Flower Pot Card (Forever Young)

Episode 58- Sunflowers (Walk in My Garden)

Episode 57- Nest (Sweethearts)

Episode 56- New Addition (Straight from the Nest)

Episode 55- Graduation Cards (Create A Criter, Beyond Birthdays, and Everyday Paper Dolls)

Episode 54- Simple Flower (Straight From the Nest)

Episode 53- You are One of A Kind (Straight From the Nest)

Episode 52- Dad (Sweethearts and Beyond Birthdays)

Episode 51-Best Wishes (Sweethearts)

Episode 50- Gumball Machine (Sweethearts)

Episode 49- Owl Birthday (Paisley)

Episode 48- You Make Me Smile (Create A Critter)

Mini Tutorial- Martha Stewart Score Board

Episode 47- Mothers Day Cards (Mothers Day 2010)

Episode 46- YolieBean Gift Card Holders (Create A Critter)

Episode 45- Happy Wishes (Create A Critter)

Episode 44- Hugs and Kisses (Create A Critter)

Episode 43- Baby Congrats (Create A Critter)

Episode 42- Animal Birthday (Create A Critter)

Episode 41- Hello Tree (Create A Critter)

Episode 40- Skunk (Create A Critter)

Episode 39- Teacher Gifts (Create A Critter)

Episode 38- Mom Card (Create A Critter)

Episode 37- Nuts About You (Create A Critter)

Episode 36- Friends Card (Create A Critter)

Episode 35- Owl Card (Create A Critter)

Episode 34- 2 First Cards Using Create A Critter

Episode 33- Birthday Hat (Sweet Treats)

Episode 32- Think Pink (Forever Young)

Episode 31- Cards and Gift Box (Forever Young)

Episode 30- Elephant (Animal Kingdom)

Episode 29- Just Be You (Paisley)

Episode 28- Cupcake Pleat (Home Decor)

Episode 27- Get Well Soon (Beyond Birthdays)

Episode 26- Hello Friend (Beyond Birthdays)

Episode 25- 2 Cards (Graphically Speaking and Sweet Treats)

Episode 24- Easter Birdie Card (Stretch Your Imagination)

Episode 23- Easter Card (Stretch You Imagination)

Episode 22- Thank you- (Embossed Background)

Episode 21- Peek A Boo Birthday (Doodlecharms)

Episode 20- Sugared Flower (Sentimentals)

Episode 19- Baby Girl Card (Graphically Speaking)

Episode 18- Hi Mushroom (Paisley)

Episode 17- 2 Page Scrapbook Layout

Episode 16- Thank You Card

Episode 15- Be Happy Card

Episode 14- All Things Grow With Love (Walk in my garden)

Episode 13- Bumble Bee Get Well (Sentimentals)

Episode 12- Boy Birthday (Sweet Treats)

Episode 11- Friends Forever (Forever Young)

Episode 10- Valentine Mini Card (Doodlecharms)

Episode 9- Monster Birthday

Episode 8- Paisley Valentine Card (Paisley)

Episode 7- Valentine Treats

Episode 6- Altering A Compostion Book

Episode 5- Cupid Valentine Card (Sweethearts)

Episode 4- Thank You Card (Beyond Birthdays)

Episode 3- Valentine Slider Card (Sweethearts Cartridge)

Episode 2- Hello Kitty Card (Hello Kitty Shape Cartridge)

Episode 1- Smile Frog (Paisley)


Anonymous said...

Crusing you-tube this morning and saw your Halloween treat bags from your blog hop. They are just too cute. Just finished making 51 of these bags. The school orchestra my daughter plays in will be playing at at church in the morning. Sent a pic of them to my daughter and she can't wait to give them out to her school friends and professors. Her university professors. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! ....RC