Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Card Drive for Madison!

My very dear friend Trish is doing a card drive for a little girl named Madison. Madison was in remission from Leukemia. Their family was over joyed that such a young girl had beat this vicious cancer (she's only 6 years old). However, just last week, their family was just hit with the most horrific news that the cancer has returned.

We are trying to collect as many cards as possible and if you would like to send a toy or stuffed animal you are more than welcome! We just want to make her smile and re-assure her that everything is going to be ok.

CLICK HERE to go to Trish's Blog and get all the details as well as the address where you should send your card!

Thanks in advance for your support!


Trisha said...

thank you momo for posting this on your blog! It means so much that you would help in spreading the word! :)

Pinke said...

Thank You Momo for this post will jump over to Trish blog.

The Archiving Angel said...

Truly kind of you share this news & do what you can to make this special little girl & her family find some comfort and smiles.
All the best,

Honey B said...

Thanks MOMO...this is so awesome. Count me in...Love to be able to share a bit of sunshine with someone else. Especially when they are going through such Disease.

HOP, HOP, AND AWAY over to Trisha'S


GlendaLea said...

Momo, Thank you so much for this info, going to do something special this weekend so I can put it in the mail the following week. Glenda

girlia said...

This is such a great idea.

Picassobebe said...

This is a wonderful and very thoughful gesture. Ur do special!!!!

Love Is In The Details said...

I am working on cards for Madison & her parents today!