Friday, May 21, 2010

Fave Friday!

Hi everyone! So here we are with Fave Friday! I picked out only 1 video this week. I could not find anything else that I loved! I hope you enjoy this project!

I posted a video last night! CLICK HERE TO SEE!

Today I am going to share Ruthie's Matchbook Gift Card Holder! I love all things gift card! :o)
Please visit her youtube!

Since I only have one video, here is another fun poll for you guys!

Which one of the New Cartridges is your fave?


mum of two said...

Hi momo,

So I am most tempted by toy story and mini monsters, but none is a must have THIS second. I am still so over the moon about my create a critter that I am not feeling the need to expand my collection at this very moment.

Can't wait to see you new videos next week :)


Ruthie said...

Hi Momo!
Thank you! I heart you! I put your package into the mail today!
Ruthie :)

Dayami said...

Oh gosh, the mini monsters!! Sooo gorgeous!!!

Cindy said...

Love what Ruthie made!!! TFS,Momo!
I voted for Cindy the name! :D's a thin line between Mini Monsters and Cindy Loo.But we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Germany.I do decorate as much as i can,but it's just not like in the USA.So,that's why i went with the Cindy Loo cart!

Alex said...

This is a great project , Ruthie. I am inspired to make some gift card holders now :)

Stephenie said...

Did you get my email about a way to decorating candles? It is really a project that needs to be seen, so it would be a great video project.