Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going over my Craft Fair Goodies!

Hi Everyone,

I decided to go over some of the goodies I make for my craft show. I go into detail on where you can find certain items and how to put it together. Hope you enjoy and email me if you have any questions!

Much love,



Anne-Marie said...

Love the stuff you make, it's really great! A lot of the supplies are not easy to get here, f.e. rsvp pens (is that the right name) and the cute post it holders .... But the notebookes are great! Bye!

ArchivingAngel said...

Hello Momo~ I just found your blog & it is super cute. I love your projects and videos. Thanks for sharing that.
I will be visiting often.
Keep up the fantastic work. You are very inspirational.
Hope you can visit me at:
Happy Crafting!

kelly said...

Hi Momo, I enjoyed the video on your craft fair goodies. I thought it was great information because I've been thinking about making things and selling them but I didn't know what would make good sellers. I would like to know how you figure out what to price your items because I'm clueless. I look forward to your next video. Kelly

Andrea said...

Hi Momo, just wanted to finally send you a note of thanks, I enjoy your blog so much and I adore your cards and your style! I am so happy I discovered you via the MPS blog. There are lots that I like, but very few I choose to visit all the time and you are one if them :) hope you keep going strong, your creativity fuels mine, I love it! Is there somewhere I can just browse through pics of your cards? I can't even tell you how often I have paused your videos at the beginning so I can try to get a good look ;) thanks, Andrea

Mari AKA Momo said...

Andrea I hope you come back for a response. I could not get to your blog. I have all my cards on my etsy so you can see most of them. I have a link on my blog that takes you straight there. Thanks so much for your super sweet comment! Much Love, Momo

I appreciate you watching and coming back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Momo, love your stuff, please tell me who is the supplier for the card sleeves, I went to ebay and typed in unique packing but, came up with 0 matches in the search.

Thanks for sharing.


Dayami said...

Great video!
Been looking for these bags for ever now, same thing happened to me, unique packing shows 0.
Can you link us??

Anonymous said...

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