Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Scraproom

Hi everyone! This is my little craft heaven! Thanks for coming by and hope you enjoy!

Much love,



Anne-Marie said...

Hi, I was so much wondering what your craftroom was looking like! It's really nice! Love the paperstacks .. I'm addicted to paper too ... Cannot have enough of that!! Your room is twice as big as mine, have to share mine with the tv, kids and husband, haha! Thanks for showing!

Diana said...

Hi Momo.

Love your room. You "trimmed" it well. I'm going out today and making it Clip-it-Up - the one I saw at Archiever's is like 70 bucks!

picassobebe said...

I love ur inspirational room/space when their is talent great ideas are created in any space no matter the size.